The Search for Spock…umm…I mean exercise

My husband has been very helpful, yesterday he came up with a circuit to do for my exercise yesterday. It was actually a bit of fun…mostly due to those mishaps and comments that I tend to make when things go awry. We were missing a cardio element since we didn’t have a skip rope but it was a good first effort.

Today we are off to look at treadmills. There is a sale on them happening at the canex and we can pay it off monthly so hurray! You see my husband made a good case for getting one. Not only is it useful for me but he can use it for making sure he continues to do well on his express tests and even the pups can use it a la dog whisperer for those rainy days when we don’t want to walk. So the plan is to re-arrange the living room furniture so that it is enticingly available while we watch tv. Why sit on the couch to watch a show when you can atleast take a power walk? So three good reasons is enough for me…but then he added a fourth. If I build up my running ability then entering the dogs in agility competitions won’t seem so daunting. I would actually be able to keep up with them. Very appealing indeed. Sold! I’m thinking this might be the winning exercise to help me get underway.

The foodie front was amazing yesterday as well. For breakfast I had a tasty egg white omelet with a small portion of caraway monteray jill inside with a drink of blended frozen berries with a splash of milk and a splash of sugarfree coconut syrup. Win! An excellent way to start the day. Lunch with turkey sausage and dinner with a baked pork chop, mango vinagrette salad, and mashed potato. This week I’m hoping to sit down and start setting up a preplanned menu but so far it’s going well.

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