What is a foodie to do?

The time has come for this foodie girl to settle down and work off this extra weight that not only university all those years ago helped to put on, but many a fancy plate since then. To the tune of some 58 punds for this challenge. You see my husband and I are foodies, we love our fancy dishes…sadly not all of them are healthy. Some are though thankfully. My husband being in the navy though has not suffered from eating this way. *sigh* Yay, for being a girl! Happily though I have his full support.

Even today when we encountered the food court while running errands, rather than just walking up to what looks tasty I had to start whining about nutritional values. You see I’m trying for the first time to actually count those calories. To make smarter choices about what I spend those calories on. No blowing the whole allotment for the day on a tasty panini. Time to be accountable for the tasty treats and work them off! One way I thought of looking at it was for the past decade I have ordered the lobster, and now the time has come to pay…as the dishwasher. Hehe. You see though, even dishwashing can be a zen experience with the right music and the right tranquil smelling soap.

Now to find my mix, I’m still trying to find that exercise that’s going to make me happy enough to pursue it long term. Maybe my beloved mushroom risotto is not gone for good if I can just get those dishes done right. The other part of my mix is finding a gourmet approach to lighter foods. For years I’ve been making my gourmet attempts low in fat…but I neglected to look at the calories. Perhaps this is the error of my ways? Time to look at the full picture here. I’m going to have to start reviewing my shelves of recipe books, I kid you not…hello…foodie! Time to find those recipes that fit and work on modifying the ones I can’t live without.

Foodies of the weight loss world unite!

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