First Checkpoint

So yesterday was a weigh in but also a personal checkpoint for me. I have been at this challenge for a month and can say so far I have had sucess. I have lost 10 pounds. I have continued to eat like a foodie without over indulging on my calorie limit. I know it isn’t an astronomical amount but it definitely is a healthy amount. I have gained stamina from working on the treadmill and with the circuit my husband devised. I’m pleased and according to the challenge I am right on track. I hope I can stay that way. The first bit is always easy though, that’s when the small changes make such a difference. It’s later when that plateau hits that I will have to start getting really creative.

I look forward to being able to take part in agility runs with my dog Kaylee and even Godric if he is good. I look forward to being able to hike with my husband…and yes the puppers if they are really really good. hehe. This is one hobbit who may actually start wandering around the shire a little more.

Maybe I should put up one of those fun little counters one day…its always nice to see a challenge quantified….oh yeah…you saw me…I used a big word. Tasty, wasn’t it?

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