The Life Saving Kitchen Scale

During some boxing day shopping I found myself in an xs cargo and found a digital kitchen scale there for 9.99. I have seen this sale often over there but this is the first time there were actually some on the shelves for me to snag. My original application for it was for measuring out portions of the dog treats that I make and sell. Since I have taken up this challenge though this thing has been such a life saver!! I’ve been able to measure out the proper portions of things like pasta, flour, dried fruit, etc. How did I survive without this thing? Definitely a great tool for making sure I’ve got the proper portion size to count those calories. If you don’t have one and you are trying to keep an eye on things I highly reccommend it. Don’t be discouraged by those high priced ones you find at those specialty kitchen stores we all love, a little shopping around will yield a lower priced but reliable one soon enough.

I totally heart my kitchen scale.

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