This week

Lost only one pound but atleast that’s one less pound I’m carrying around. I blame valentines day naughtiness for the only one pound result. I like to have one “cheat” day a month just to keep things happy and valentines was that day for me.

Still according to the timeline I am still right on track! Wahoo! This week I’m going to focus a bit more on asian style foods for dinners, for breakfast and lunches I’m going to try and do more fruit, veggies, and simple things to do a sort of spa cleansing thing. something to jump start the system. Definitely going to keep the circuit training this week. While the scale only says one pound was lost my clothes are definitely fitting looser. I think tone is definitely coming into play here. My husband likes to remind me that muscle weighs more than fat…maybe this is the case here? He tells me he notices that things are fitting better as well…definitely a win for this week! Hell, I lost one pound this week and still had risotto, crepes, and such. that is always a win!

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