hehe oops!

A word about calories:

So I had an appointment with my doctor today and during our discussion I brought up that I was in a challenge to lose weight. After his congrats on having lost so many pounds so far I asked him something I had been wondering.

After I workout am I supposed to add the calories I burned to what I’m allowed to eat that day?

You see, the calorie counting program I’m using for my blackberry does this so I thought it meant I could indulge more if I worked hard. Well no. If I am looking to maintain my weight then yes this is the case. Since I am trying to lose weight this is not the case. No wonder the past couple of weeks have been a bit slower. Doing a circuit and burning a few hundred calories does not give me license to have a piece of spice cake above and beyond my daily limit. Dangit!

Well, good thing I asked before I got off track. Not sure if it will reflect in this week’s effort since I only found this out yesterday but soon. I’m still on track, eating tasty things, working out, and waiting impatiently for my weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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