So according to my challenge I need to lose about 2.2 pounds a week. This week I’m a bit off track. Damn. This could be due to that workout calories snafu. This means I have to make this up somewhere along the road. What sucks is that tomorrow we are leaving for a few days to take a nice little mini break. Which means I’ll be away from my nice cozy portion controlled kitchen and out there fending for myself in the wild world of free range tasty foods for three days.
Not good.
I’m going to try to pack us some nice portion controlled lunches but since this is a bed and breakfast we are staying at…well…things might get tough.
I’m also going to be away from my precious workout equipment. Maybe I can pack the resistance bands and still get some workout in?
There has to be a way to take a mini break but still keep everything on track.
Even with that gourmet hotdog place I’m eyeing. They have eight kinds of gourmet hotdog! I want to be able to say I’ve had a gourmet hotdog dammit!

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