Exercise Whining…you were warned.

So to mix it up my husband has suggested I try his P90x program. I looked through it and decided to try the low impact “lean” segment. The nutrition aspect made sense and was in line with what I’ve been trying to do. Today was day one of the exercise.
Day one was an intense one hour workout…that wanted me to do things no one in their right mind should be doing. That and I wanted to slap the host around so badly. His attempts at jokes, how he would refer to his “co-stars” just put me off. I don’t mind being urged on, I grumble, tell them to fuck themselves and move on. This guy though…ugh. I’m going to give the entire week a try and see how it goes but if he doesn’t cut it out and soon I’m driving out there and giving this guy a good slap. Ugh!
It definitely was a good intense workout if you can get past wanting to injure the guy. I wouldn’t say its fun though and to me one of the key things to success is fun, if you aren’t enjoying it then why will you willingly do it and stick with it?

Hopefully the other days will be better.

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