Bursting that Soda Pop Bubble

When I was in university there was an old time soda shoppe nearby and I used to love going there for a burger and a gourmet pop. They would make all sorts of fun pop, even customized creations where you would pick and choose the flavours.

Well…I don’t live close to that shop anymore…and even if I did that pop would most certainly burst my challenge. With signs of those warm summer months starting to cross my mind I find myself trying to think up fun treats that are drinks to satisfy my occasional craving for a fun pop. Afterall doing pop like this all the time would hardly make it special now would it?

One of my great loves is cherry coke…I live in Canada though, so cherry coke zero is just plain wishful thinking. Instead I have been taking coke zero and blending it with Torani syrup sugar-free black cherry. Usually about 1 or 2 tbl will do it. Tada! Zero calorie cherry coke. This got me to thinking. What about vanilla coke? What about all those other fruit flavours they have in sugar-free? Yes, over here we have been amassing a group of syrup flavours to rival any coffee shop…well…a sugarfree one at least. Those syrups just plain are not for coffee alone anymore.

Italian sodas are another fun drink treat that reduces the amount of Splenda you are actually drinking. Grab yourself a case of club soda, mix the sugar-free syrups of choice and tada! Your own custom pop.  Sometime later throughout the summer I will have to start keeping track of some really nice craving busting drink combos.

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