Shopping with a vengeance

When I shop, I try to shop about two weeks worth of food. It’s a budget thing and a menu planning thing. I find two weeks works best, the exception being a quick fresh fruit and veg visit somewhere in the middle. I love the fact that I spend only about 150.00 every two weeks, often less than that and eat such tasty low calorie foods.

Usually when I’m shopping the other shoppers behind me or even the cashier will either remark on their amazement over the low cost or will show some interest in the items I pick up. Always a positive thing and ofcourse I never hesitate to answer any questions.

Today was the first time I caught someone smirking. She looked me over, looked over my things, and everytime a low fat this or low cal that caught her eye she snorted and smirked. I snuck a glance at her skinny mini physique and her horde of potato chips, pop, etc. I could almost hear what was crossing her mind…that whole “lot of good that seems to be doing you.”. I really dislike people like that. I so wanted to say to her “Sure, I may not be skinny like you but I’ve lost 17 pounds over the past two months…and will continue to do so. Every good piece of art has a work in progress stage honey.” but I do dislike a scene.

Sheesh…the good thing about the experience was that it made me actually stop and go…omg…I’ve lost 17 pounds. I needed that. It’s good to take stock like that once and awhile…even if it was because of some rude smirking lady.

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