Oh Glorious Gum

Having a craving for something sweet? But don’t have the calories to spend on that?

Meet my good friend gum. Have you met this tasty gum exerciser? There are so many tasty flavours out there ranging from only 3-5 calories a stick. Which I have a feeling you burn off just by chewing! I always try to keep a couple of packs on hand and they have been really helpful. Be careful you pick gum that is not very high in calories like those ones aimed at kiddies. Cinnamon and Mint flavours have apparently proven to be helpful in curbing appetites…but flavours such as berry, melon, tropical fruit, etc. are fun and helpful too. Also when you are craving something sweet sometimes reaching for a stick of mint doesn’t quite have the appeal and reaching for a very berry sensation, right?

Just yesterday I busted my sweet craving by having a stick of melon gum as I took the dogs for a walk. Craving busted and fresh air to boot! I thought I was definitely going to go over my limit, but somehow I didn’t by combining my quick fix and an activity that distracted me for an hour and a half.

Hurray for that glorious gum!

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