Hardcore Hobbit

What fun is life if you can’t occasionally play with your food?

While playing away for a bit the other day I had an idea. I guess its not all that surprising that in my online game one of my characters is almost always a chef. In Lord of the Rings Online this is once again true. I was looking at my character’s “cookbook” in the game and realized…well gee…don’t these things look tasty? Bet I could make them. Bet I could use some of the ingredients I use in game to make them. Bet I could make them healthy!!

So for fun I think I will start making some recipes inspired by actual in game tasty delights…considering she just received a blueberry tart recipe for the spring festival in her bag…I think this will be a fun and tasty adventure indeed.

An adventure I have dubbed ‘The Hardcore Hobbit’ project.

Yes, it is silly. Yes, it is geeky. Just the pleasure of one day being able to say I ate like a hobbit and STILL lost weight is enough to make me giggle and get to planning. I plan to put these recipes under there own catagory to make it easy to find for those just as nerdy as me. Not every meal will be a hobbit meal ofcourse but some will definitely be LOTRO inspired.

Looking at the list I realize I have already made some foods that fit the bill. I’ll have to add an extra tag to those bad boys later.

Project Hardcore Hobbit away!

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