The Halfway Point

Ack my little tracker isn’t working. I’ll give it a day or so to get it’s act together before I start looking for a new one. We ended up having our turkey yesterday so I forgot to do my monday weigh in. Even with a decadent (well I counted and weighed everything on my plate but you know what I mean) meal the day before I lost another 2 or 2.5 lbs…depending on which scale you want to believe. I always go with the more realistic number, 2lbs it is bringing our halfway point number to 23 lbs lost so far.

Hmmm, a hearty weight loss to be sure but not enough to be on track for the challenge. Unless I start dropping 3 lbs a week somewhere along the line but that is unhealthy. Losing 2lbs a week is rushing it along already. Still keeping at it though. Even being behind I’m still winning, I have lost 23lbs wahooo!
It has been a tasty adventure so far…ofcourse with exercise. I’ve been lazy this week though. I only worked out for a total of 1.5 hours. The lowest this whole challenge. Can I blame the holiday? Cool…totally the holiday’s fault. Bad, naughty holiday. Back to work on that today. I have been eyeing the doggy sport classes and starting to wonder if I’m ready to keep up with my pup yet. Hmmm. All this weight loss is definitely starting to have an effect. It’s like I’ve perked up and now I’m starting to look for fun things to do again. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this weight, and I can’t wait to see my other long lost numbers in the future.

I think my food experiment has definitely paid off. I have certainly learned a lot about cutting down calorie and fat consumption as well as upping that fiber, fruit, and veggie consumption. Tools that will help me keep it off when I finally get there. Most of all I have effectively learned how to take some of my favourite recipes and turn them into still tasty, nutritionally happy meals.

So I’d better get my hobbit butt in gear. Time to plan dinner after that crazy weekend and celebrate that halfway point. I think I’ll buy myself something special to reward a job well done so far.

Edit: Yay!!! Got that tracker working again. It just needed a kick in the butt and a repaste. Hah!

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