That small moment

Yesterday was such a crazy day of running around. The one thing that made me stop for a moment, was when I was dressing up to go out I put on a corset as part of my outfit. When I last wore this corset I had lost 14 pounds and could barely breath  in the thing. Yesterday, It was loose. I actually had to tighten it a bit because I could slip a hand up it.

What a difference just ten pounds can make! I don’t typically notice the weight I’ve lost simply because my clothes are so loose anyways. The baggy revolution hit here hard. My corset is really one of the few pieces of clothing I have that is form fitting. Yesterday, it was really eye opening. Heh, I should make it a point to try on the corset for every ten pounds I lose just to give me that small thrill of “yay! It’s making a difference”

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