25 pounds lost!

So as of my weigh in today I have lost 25 pounds. Well…that to me is just plain noteworthy! That’s like one of those big bags of potatoes…gone! Those things are heavy.

Other than that corset clue I mentioned before I am seeing other signs of weight loss. One of which was very amusing to my husband. About an hour before bedtime last night I had slipped into my favourite scrubs pj’s. Well, I usually neglect to tie them up because they have always been a bit tight in the past. Should have tied them up last night. We were flipping channels while I was walking past and we hit much music which had groove worthy music…I grooved my pants off. Literally.

I’m just really glad the curtains were closed. No need for the neighbourhood to see THAT much weight loss celebrating. Considering we live in a military neighbourhood…I’m sure military police would have been called. Possibly for over indulgence in new found sexiness? Mmmmmaybe. Heh, definitely a clue though.

So hurray for 25 pounds lost! A definite milestone, all done with tasty healthy foods and exercise. Eventhough I’ll admit the past couple of weeks I have not been exercising much. *sigh* Been too busy. Must get back on that exercise wagon!!

In other news I really must update my hobbit photos and banner. It is spring now and my hobbit is wearing much lighter colours this time of year. Mmmm Lotro goodness.

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