Bellydancing OMG!

So I have mentioned before that I am working on a challenge. It is the x-weighted challenge to be specific. Today I logged on for a spot of inspiration. I saw the featured exercise of the week was bellydancing. I have taken classes before but sadly my schedule was so busy I couldn’t stick with it. Eventhough I had the most awesome teacher in the world. Seeing the title made me want to try again now that my schedule has calmed. Some folks from another group I’m part of suggested I give it another go aswell. So I found myself a class and will sign up tomorrow. Sadly, can’t take them with the amazing teacher I know because I am living on the opposite coast these days. I had another close friend, who passed away a year ago, who loved bellydancing. Which is partly why I hadn’t thought of delving into it again until now. She and I had made plans of working into it together when she recovered. She was going to work on my bellydancing and I was going to teach her some ballroom dance. Good trade I think! Sadly, fate said no deal. So bellydance was a bit of a bitter sweet thing. Love it for my one friend and sad about it for my other.

So, resolved, I then wander back to the x-weighted site to read the article. LO! It is my amazing friend and teacher who is featured. I can’t even describe how wide my eyes were and the excited noises of joy. It’s obscene really. hehe. Actually, said friend occasionally reads my blog, she is the awesome and another foodie I absolutely adore. It is just too much kismet for one evening. I absolutely must take this bellydancing class and think of my amazing friends as I jingle my hip scarf with glee. I can’t wait. I am not the most graceful at bellydance but I do like to have a jangly butt. I mean really, who doesn’t?

Take a look at the article:

2 responses to “Bellydancing OMG!

  1. Hee! So nice to surprise you! I hope your classes are fun and motivating!

  2. I’m sure they will be. I’m all excited already! I’ve dragged out my hip scarf and surprised the dogs with jangly butt. When a schnauzer raises an eyebrow it is truly monumental.

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