And now for something completely different…

So I have decided I’m going to pat myself on the back for each ten pounds I lose. Today’s weigh in tells me I have now lost 31 pounds!

So hurrah for hitting that 30 pounds lost benchmark to me!

hehe Hobbit joviality. It was rather nice being able to say that today. I look forward to future lost weight but right now woot for 31 pounds gone!!

Although, now I’ve hit some nastiness. This week I finally got back on track with my workout program…and then I stubbed my toe really badly. Took a few days for that pain to go away! Finally get rid of that pain and somehow I’ve hurt my knee! It might have been all the yarn I spun this weekend. *sigh* Hopefully this goes away so I can get back into it while the getting is good.

For now though I will concentrate on that hurrah while I work on being a hobbling hobbit for awhile.

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