What a week!

This was one of those crazy crazy weeks here at the hobbit hole. I’ve started writing for Ubiquitous Magazine, a magazine for canadian military and their families (which we are a part of), as their “foodie”. Much dancing and lute playing took place as you can imagine. Then our poor pup Godric had to be brought in for testing. The groomer had noticed some hair loss on top of him being so skinny and suspects he has a thyroid condition. I just called the vet and they won’t talk until the vet calls us back to discuss the results. So, we wait. Poor Godric has a very sensitive tummy so on top of all that he is not feeling well again. Pumpkin bing bongs (we call those kongs filled with treats bing bongs) for that little guy!

As you can imagine this set us back a bit financially. Vet visits are expensive! Such sad timing too. At the end of this month is Vancouver Eat! I like to call it a convention for foodies. Chuck from Chuck’s day off is going to be there! My husband especially loves that show! Looks like we can’t make it due to the 600$ of unexpected expenses this paycheck. To get there we need to take a ferry ride that costs us 120$ minimum, 50$ for someone to watch our preciouses, and ofcourse entry fees. Blah! Chuck will come back…right? *sniff sniff* Most of all I think I was excited about the showcase area, I love looking at all the new gadgets for kitchens. We love our gadgets around here. I was also on a mission to get a new crepe pan. Ours died…much like my crockpot the other week too. Did you notice the crockpot and crepe recipes died down? hehe, that’s why. I’m jonesing for some crockpot action! Hehe, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell when one of those gets back into our kitchen. It was a good crockpot and served me well all the way through university, many moves, countless potlucks and five years into my marriage. My grandmother sure knew how to pick a crockpot! This time I have to pick one on my own…eep! Well atleast I have plenty of time to mull it over while I put the money aside. My kitchen is just naked and shamed without one!

One good thing though, with all that going on the good food continues as does the weight loss! This week recorded a 2.5lb weight loss. Wahoo! My little ticker only does whole numbers so I only put in 2lbs for it. Not going to go around claiming 3lbs when it was only 2.5lbs. With all the talk of Lembas bread on the masterful mash post you guys actually had me dreaming of making it! Made me a little pouty waking up in the morning and discovering there was no Lembas waiting to be consumed. Hehe. I really should get on that soon. I have an idea of how but need to see if it will indeed work! Hmmm…or maybe I should say mmmmm.

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