Salmon Canape

Sometimes, you need to whip together something quick for entertaining. I like to be able to offer something a little different. You know something other than that bag of chips or dip veggies. These are an old standby, I have seen them at weddings but really they can be served anywhere, anytime, and healthy too! Sure mine might not look as fancy but they sure are tasty and easy.

  • frozen smoked salmon
  • capers
  • light cream cheese
  • dill
  • multigrain crackers
  1. Take out your crackers, put a thin layer of light cream cheese on top.
  2. Tops with a slice of salmon, three capers, and a bit of dill. Serve!

This can serve a number of guests, it really depends on the size of that package of frozen smoked salmon really. I recommend the frozen simply because it keeps in the freezer for a long time and only takes 15 minutes to defrost and get out there! The nutritional info really depends on the brands you use. The ones I used were the pc flax thin and crispy crackers, pc pacific smoked salmon, thrifty brand light cream cheese,  and no name capers. As you can tell this was also a very cost effective appetizer to put out there as well! For you non canadians out there pc means President’s Choice…which spells awesomeness out here. Hehehe. I love my president’s choice products.

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