Officially 40 pounds lost!

I may not be losing as fast as the challenge wants me to but atleast I am losing it and with the tasty foods and tasty gaming foods I want to eat. Eventhough I won’t “win” at the challenge, I definitely see it as a win. My mom informed me on the phone yesterday that during her visit in august she is going to buy me some new clothes to celebrate. Woot! Granted, when she gets here I won’t be at my ultimate goal yet. Still, definitely worth celebrating. I hope she notices a difference in me after all this work. I hope she isn’t expecting to come here and find me model thin like my sister. I don’t intend to ever get to that weight. I’m too solidly eastern european built for that silliness. My sisters were blessed with a more celtic build from their daddy. Freaking elves, they are taller than I as well. As most tend to be *sigh* ANYWAYS. Hurray for 40 pounds lost. Looking forward to 50.

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