The Challenge Ends, and new beginnings…

So my first challenge is over. In January I signed up to do this challenge which then inspired me to do this blog. It said it wanted me to lose 58 pounds by today. I lost 46…only 12 pounds off…I’d say thats pretty good! I may not have won that cross canada challenge but I really do think I’ve won overall. I have lost more weight than I thought I could and it is definitely fueling me on to lose more and reach an ideal weight. So, with this challenge ending I’m going to set myself up with a new challenge. Yes, that ofcourse means this blog will continue on. The tasty, healthy, geeky, gourmet food will keep coming. I still have so many ideas, how could I possibly stop now?

This first challenge was pretty easy I think. The hard times are soon to come. To reach a nice ideal weight I think losing another 38 pounds would be great. They always say it’s those last few pounds that are always the hardest to lose. We will have to wait and see. Granted, I did sort of have that mid weightloss slump there. There was a moment when I stopped and went…haven’t I lost enough? Can’t I just sit here for a bit and chillax. No! I can’t lose momentum now. I will get there…afterall, I’m already over halfway there! So after pondering it for a bit I figured giving myself a time frame was helpful. It gave me not only a weigh goal to reach but an estimated time line to reach for as well. So after some careful math (I counted, yay me) and Einstein like logic (didn’t you hear me? I counted. Yay ME!), I have decided that November 29th is my hopeful date for goal weight achievement. This gives me a goal and time to spare for some boxing day shopping the next month, Perfect for rewarding myself with a brand new wardrobe I should be able to afford. Last year when we went shopping I had expressed to my husband a wish that “next year, my boxing day clothes shopping will be for much cuter and smaller clothes.” I think, I’m going to get my wish…eventhough I did say it out loud and totally broke all those good wishing rules. Bad me.

So there it is. Three cheers really. A hurray for completing the challenge, a hurray for learning that yes I can do it, and finally a hurray for now having the momentum to finish the job. Hey why not add a fourth hurray for losing all that weight while eating like a hobbit, risotto, deep dish pizza, ice cream cake, strawberry tarts, curry, scones…oh wait, I haven’t posted those yet…hehehe. More fun foods to come and ofcourse more hardcore hobbit to be eaten as well. A big thank you to the folks who have been supporting me so far, your comments and encouragement mean an absolute ton to me (I mean it, there is squeeing…I have mentioned I am a huge geek right?). I hope you keep on visiting me here as I head for the final half! I always keep the fire burning and healthy snacks here just in case.

One Hungry Hobbit


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