I’m considering going into maintenance mode for a bit. Allowing myself a bit more in the calories and fat department simply for the month of december while all these holiday cookies come out. It would be a great trial run for when I achieve my goal weight. I can’t believe I am just 16 pounds away! So crazy. Sheesh, if I had of known I could do this so easily and eat such nummy things I would have done this years ago. Such a silly hobbit I am. I don’t expect to see much weight loss this month, mostly I’m working on avoiding weight gain.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year of eating this way. It certainly has paid off. Weight has been lost…granted, I find I get cold easier. I lost my cold protective layer! I knew I must have been keeping it around for something…thankfully I can replace it now with really cute sweaters and such. I have definitely found I am happier and healthier, I am definitely more willing to go out there and actually do stuff rather than slug around the house. Not that slugging around the house is bad, everyone needs to slug once and awhile. It’s good for your inner mollusc…admit it, we all have some mollusc tendencies. Have I talked about slugs enough yet?

Anyways, yes the recipes will continue. Afterall this is maintenance, not a hog wild omnomnom fest. I would really hate to undo all this hard work. Basically I am giving myself a little more but still watching. Let’s see how that works out shall we? Then I will hop back onto the weight loss train refreshed in the new year. I figure a year of working this hard deserves a small break. I really hope I can maintain without gain.

4 responses to “Maintenance?

  1. Worry not angel. I will not fatten you up for the holidays. I just wanted you to feel better about yourself, and enjoy the month ahead.

    Love always,

    come what may,


  2. As fine as it is I read this blog sporadically so I’m barely piecing it together.

    What’s your secret? Tasty, mostly low calorie/fat treats in proper portion size? Are you counting calories?

    As you say, this holiday season is (can be) brutal on the body and it has me thinking of sensible alternatives, in fine Hobbit fashion. I’m reminded of Frodo who sets out for Crickhollow and marvels at his own gut.

    • You got it. Treats in proper portion size. Keeping track of daily calories, fat, etc. For ease of use the weight watcher system gets that down to a point value, no need to join it the info is easy enough to find. Or just find out your recommended calorie and fat intake either through your doctor or online and go with that. Throw in a bit of exercise of choice and tada! The tasty treats help with the self control bit since you aren’t feeling as deprived of fun foods to eat. That is all it has taken to get me this far.

      Hehe I love the Frodo comparison. Yes, the holiday can be sensible and remain in fine hobbit fashion. I’m already starting to plan out my holiday treats. So many ways to make such tasty things healthier!

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