When geeky foodies go wrong…

You know your nerdiness and foodieness has gone to bad place when the following paraphrased conversation takes place over brunch:

“You know, the fact that we have schnauzers is really great in case of an apocalypse.”


“Well, they are ratters. I’m sure Kaylee at the very least could hunt rats for the family. Godric would need work. The big question would be how to prepare them. I’m not so high and mighty as to pass up a rat burger in case of apocalypse or distopian future scenario.”

“Good point. Kaylee would be a queen ratter. Hmmm.”

“Rat au vin? Rat tarts. Rat sliders? Roasted rat on a spit glazed with blood oranges. Rat stew ofcourse.”

“New england boiled rat? Rat-a-touille?”

“That is just so wrong…and somehow right. Oh, pixar.”

No rats were harmed during this discussion…I cannot speak for their future though in case of apocalypse. Poor, poor, rats. Hehe, I’m sure folks that know us can figure out who is who in this conversation.

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