80 Pounds Lost!

Yup, another 10 pound marker lost to be celebrated. Been awhile since the last one. *phew* it’s true what they say, those last few pounds do take forever to come off. Guess those extra fruity oaty bars last night didn’t kill my weigh in afterall! Just four more pounds to go. Finding it hard to stay motivated at this point since well…it’s just four pounds. So tempting to just move into maintenance and be done with it. Hmmm. You know what’s annoying about being 5’3.5″? The bmi calculator thing doesn’t know what to do with me. If I put in 5’3″ I’m still a smidge overweight…if I put in 5’4″ I am at goal weight. Grawr.

Granted, I shouldn’t complain this diet hasn’t been very diety now has it? Hehe you see the stuff I eat. I mean, last night for dinner I had spinach and provolone thin crust pizza and snacked during the vampire game on fudgy cup cookies and fruity oaty bars. On sunday, we even went out to McDonalds and Starbucks for dinner and dessert. Oooo poor me. Sheesh, I’m such a food princess. So, onward and downwards I guess!

17 responses to “80 Pounds Lost!

  1. Okay that does it! What diet is this anyway? I want in!

    Congratulations! You are in inspiration!

    • It’s kind of a hybrid diet really I took what I liked from a bunch of diets like weight watchers and such for keeping track of proper portions for the day. Added rules for those daily choices from nutritional guidelines and a bit of exercise (to be honest not as much as I probably should hehe, about 2 or 3 hours a week on average). I should really sit down and outline what I’ve done exactly in a post or series of posts. I will get on that. Basically I finagled something I could live with, that should work and something I can see keeping up with more allowances after the weight is gone. Well, apparently it worked heh.

      Thank you so much!

  2. That is SO AWESOME! Congratulations! Seriously, this is just great work! GS and I are trying a new diet and we weigh in for the first time this week. (No, it’s not WW… This time.) Anyway, we pull from your incredible recipes to help us get through the temptation of dining out. I hope that you reach your goal and you continue to keep on blogging!

    • Thanks Merric!! Best of luck to you and Goldenstar on your first weigh in. Glad to hear I’m helping you guys keep the temptation of dining out. We have definitely been eating in far more often this past year. The money we have been saving has been fueling our gaming even more hehe.

      I will definitely keep blogging after goal is (hopefully) achieved. There is still a huge list of hardcore hobbit recipes to be tackled and ofcourse then it’s all about maintenance. I don’t want all that weight to creep back up on me. Tasty healthy food is the only way to experience an epic win of that magnitude.

      • Awesome, we’re definitely glad to hear that you’ll keep blogging after you (definitely) reach your goal. 😉 We agree with your views on healthy food, even if we don’t follow it as much as we really should.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond HH! Hope you do decide to do a series of posts on the eating plan you developed. Sounds like a book to me! Thanks & congrats again!

  4. That’s great! You’re such an inspiration that one can eat good foods and still loose weight! Love it! 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s true I haven’t really felt deprived of tasty treats at all. Re-imagining is totally the key and ofcourse moderation. I just can’t understand those diets that deprive us of fun foods. When you go off the diet aren’t they just going to delve back into those favourites and gain it all back? Why not change the favourites into a healthier tasty treat and avoid those mistakes? Why did it take me so long to realize that too? Hehehe.

  5. Your word…”re-imaging” has caught my interest. Can you elaborate on that?
    Thanks & Cheers!

    • Re-imagining food to me is when you take a dish, change parts of it to get something similar but different. Like the potato skins I made. They were still potato skins but they were made healthier by using slightly different ingredients like goat cheese that is lower in milk fat than say cheddar but is still a tangy cheese for that similar effect. It’s all about taking those beloved dishes and making them better for us. That way we feel like we aren’t depriving ourselves at all, we can still eat all those things we love.

      Most of those foods that we consider favourites or comfort were created in a time when we burned more calories in a day. Especially those really old ones meant to be eaten after a day of farm work. Well, I certainly don’t work on a farm, not many do. We are all more sedentary when we work now. Sadly, a lot of our food hasn’t changed to reflect that. It is definitely time that it has. Especially with all the great ingredients we have available to us! That’s why re-imagining it is so important, we want those foods…why fight it? Just change them to better suit our activity levels.

      Hehe, hope that makes sense.

  6. Makes perfect sense….and thank you. You’re amazing!

  7. Congrats! You are an inspiration to all of us Hobbits.

  8. Congrats… this feat of weight loss is not always an easy one when you are a lover of food, such as us! I just stumbled across your blog today and have been greatly enjoying perusing your posts. Keep on keepin’ on Girlie!!

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