OMG busy!

So I’m sure some of you may have noticed how erratic posting has been lately. I am so sorry about that! Life has gotten so busy and is getting busier. It will definitely pay off though! I have started training to be a pilates teacher and in October I will be starting training to become a yoga teacher as well! I know! Crazy isn’t it? To think that at the beginning of all this I was 80 pounds heavier and not much of an exerciser at all. Now, I am lighter, eating healthy, still eating like a hobbit, and going to be a certified pilates and yoga instructor!

To me it just seems like a logical step. During my weight loss I found that walking, yoga and later pilates really helped me out. I didn’t have to work really hard, especially with my tasty recipes. What I’m hoping to do is then come up with a program to help folks just like me. I have to say the funniest thing about being in these training programs is that even though most of these folks are athletics types, they are so accepting of a little geek like me. They even find it cute when I say stuff like “Aww I can’t come workout with you guys that night, I’m playing with my dungeons and dragons group those nights.” It’s true, us geeky chunky folks had nothing to fear from the right breed of athletic folks. There are always jerks in every group of folks…I’m sure everyone knows a geeky jerk…but we always forget that the majority of folks in every group of people are really nice and accepting. That knowledge would probably have helped me fear gyms and workout studios less, hope it helps some of you other folks too!

So, anyways as a result my posting will be erratic for the next few months. My concentration is going to be on trying to get hardcore hobbit recipes out. If I have time then I will post the other delicious foods I have been working on. To me getting those hardcore hobbit foods out is important so we can get to planning our hobbits feasts for when the movie comes out.

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