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80 Pounds Lost!

Yup, another 10 pound marker lost to be celebrated. Been awhile since the last one. *phew* it’s true what they say, those last few pounds do take forever to come off. Guess those extra fruity oaty bars last night didn’t kill my weigh in afterall! Just four more pounds to go. Finding it hard to stay motivated at this point since well…it’s just four pounds. So tempting to just move into maintenance and be done with it. Hmmm. You know what’s annoying about being 5’3.5″? The bmi calculator thing doesn’t know what to do with me. If I put in 5’3″ I’m still a smidge overweight…if I put in 5’4″ I am at goal weight. Grawr.

Granted, I shouldn’t complain this diet hasn’t been very diety now has it? Hehe you see the stuff I eat. I mean, last night for dinner I had spinach and provolone thin crust pizza and snacked during the vampire game on fudgy cup cookies and fruity oaty bars. On sunday, we even went out to McDonalds and Starbucks for dinner and dessert. Oooo poor me. Sheesh, I’m such a food princess. So, onward and downwards I guess!



I ordered this to stick on our car…fear my car.

and yes…I asked her to make it green. Tee hee.

When geeky foodies go wrong…

You know your nerdiness and foodieness has gone to bad place when the following paraphrased conversation takes place over brunch:

“You know, the fact that we have schnauzers is really great in case of an apocalypse.”


“Well, they are ratters. I’m sure Kaylee at the very least could hunt rats for the family. Godric would need work. The big question would be how to prepare them. I’m not so high and mighty as to pass up a rat burger in case of apocalypse or distopian future scenario.”

“Good point. Kaylee would be a queen ratter. Hmmm.”

“Rat au vin? Rat tarts. Rat sliders? Roasted rat on a spit glazed with blood oranges. Rat stew ofcourse.”

“New england boiled rat? Rat-a-touille?”

“That is just so wrong…and somehow right. Oh, pixar.”

No rats were harmed during this discussion…I cannot speak for their future though in case of apocalypse. Poor, poor, rats. Hehe, I’m sure folks that know us can figure out who is who in this conversation.

and the verdict….

After a few weeks of maintenance and smartly eating whatever I wanted, within reason….I lost 3 pounds! Woot! No weight gain over the holidays and a little bonus of a few pounds lost is definitely worth a celebration since it brings me to over 70 lbs lost! Now we dance…

Aaaand today is January 3rd. Happy Birthday Professor Tolkien! It’s a good day all around. Later, I will get today’s hardcore hobbit recipe up. First, I need to go torment my husband who is attempting to sleep in. Ha!

Season’s Greetings Far Away

No updates this week as this hobbit family is going to explore a far away part of the shire for the week. Looking forward to celebrating a lovely yule by the fire with water views! Ofcourse, we picked a place with a kitchen so when we get back I will make up the lack of posting with a bunch of tasty treat updates.

Have wonderful holiday from this hobbit household to yours.

See you next week!


I’m considering going into maintenance mode for a bit. Allowing myself a bit more in the calories and fat department simply for the month of december while all these holiday cookies come out. It would be a great trial run for when I achieve my goal weight. I can’t believe I am just 16 pounds away! So crazy. Sheesh, if I had of known I could do this so easily and eat such nummy things I would have done this years ago. Such a silly hobbit I am. I don’t expect to see much weight loss this month, mostly I’m working on avoiding weight gain.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year of eating this way. It certainly has paid off. Weight has been lost…granted, I find I get cold easier. I lost my cold protective layer! I knew I must have been keeping it around for something…thankfully I can replace it now with really cute sweaters and such. I have definitely found I am happier and healthier, I am definitely more willing to go out there and actually do stuff rather than slug around the house. Not that slugging around the house is bad, everyone needs to slug once and awhile. It’s good for your inner mollusc…admit it, we all have some mollusc tendencies. Have I talked about slugs enough yet?

Anyways, yes the recipes will continue. Afterall this is maintenance, not a hog wild omnomnom fest. I would really hate to undo all this hard work. Basically I am giving myself a little more but still watching. Let’s see how that works out shall we? Then I will hop back onto the weight loss train refreshed in the new year. I figure a year of working this hard deserves a small break. I really hope I can maintain without gain.

60 Pounds Lost!

Wahooo! It’s official 60 pounds lost as of today! All while still keeping to my hobbit nature. At my goal I should make a hardcore hobbit feast of some kind to celebrate. Hmmm, need to think about what foods to do special for that. Any ideas?