I am an epicurean or a foodie if you will located in Victoria, BC, Canada. I am also one of those nerdy girls, I play video games I watch horror and sci fi, all that good stuff…and yes I currently play LOTRO. I ofcourse play a hobbit…I also play one in real life hehe. Hobbits love their food and so do I.

This year though I have challenged myself to lose weight…because yes sometimes being a gamer means you get a bit chunky. Here is the challenge though, can I lose weight but still have foods that make me happy or am I doomed to run a hamster wheel and have nothing but rice cakes to eat?

Time will tell. I started this journey in January of 2010. I finished my first challenge in July, I didn’t meet the goal but it was a win because I lost most of the weight. I decided to continue on and now I’ve lost almost all of the weight! I am finally back to a healthy weight. In this blog I intend to not only talk about some recipes and tasty treats I have found but yes I do intend to whine on occasion…bear with me. There is exercise involved…

and sometimes there can be a bit of silliness. You have been warned. I am also currently putting together a series of posts that will talk about what I did to help myself lose weight. I will also be putting together some sample menus a sort of “week in the life of a hobbit”  It was sort of a make your own diet adventure. I plan to post these sometime after reaching my goal.

All pictures of hobbits of the lotro nature come from turbine and really belong to them. Pictures are of my character that I play on the Brandywine server. Speaking of LOTRO in this blog I also have a side project called hardcore hobbit. HH recipes are modeled after in game recipes and done healthy! Click on the hardcore hobbit category to check them out.


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  1. Hi! Thought I’d follow a fellow blogger & yogini! Cheers, D.

  2. Hi, I’m a writer working on a piece about Hobbit-inspired cooking for the Minneapolis (Minnesota) Star Tribune. If this is still an active blog, I’d really like to interview you by email or phone. Would you be interested? Thanks.

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