Just answering a few questions as they come along about the Hungry Hobbit. Seeking the answer to our purpose in life? Well it’s either 42 or it’s somewhere under the couch depending on who you talk to.

Where are you?

Currently, I am in Victoria, BC, Canada. Yes, sometimes we move a bit. My husband is in the navy. When people ask me what part of Canada I’m from I tend to answer “Just Canada.” I’ve spent a few years in many parts of the country and have friends/family in so many parts that I can’t really call just one my home. It wouldn’t be fair to pick favourites now would it?

You really a girl? Cause’ girls don’t play mmo’s, just creepy guys who play girls.

*cough* I am indeed in possession of girl bits. I have met many other folks who play mmo’s who are also in possession of similar girl bits. Contrary to popular belief there are a number of us out there, we just don’t talk to you. We use the creepy guys who play girls as our cover. It’s all a conspiracy.

So when you reach your goal does this blog end?

Nope, once my goal is achieved it is all about maintenance so this blog should keep going for quite awhile. Besides, I still have a ton of hardcore hobbit to do!

Where do you get the ideas for your recipes?

Some of these are recipes I developed years ago, others are experiments on foods I love and trying to make them healthier. Sometimes those experiments work and I post them…sometimes they don’t and I keep working at them until I get it right. Trust me, we’ve had some disasters here too. They don’t all work out perfect the first time. Sometimes, I will hear about a new food, taste it and then try to recreate it healthier in my own kitchen.

I love your hardcore hobbit project! When will you do (insert x food here)?

I’ve got a list…I’m checking it twice. There is a lot of naughty, but I’m making it nice. hehe. There isn’t really a schedule for my hardcore hobbit project recipes. I do them when inspiration on how the recipe should come together hits. I will ofcourse push some forward when I get a lot of requests. Often when I see the ingredients for a particular hobbit dish on special in my weekly flyer there is a huge push to do it. Afterall, we all want to make the budget work right? I love working on hardcore hobbit projects. I am working hard to try to post one hardcore recipe every monday.

What sort of exercise are you doing?

I have a treadmill I use, I have free weights and resistance bands. No fancy gym membership here. I try to get an hour workout in every other day. The goal is to work out everyday but sometimes life just doesn’t let that happen. I also have a pair of schnauzers, one of which will practically wet himself at the mention of a walk. So sometimes an uber walk happens as well. I hope to take up hiking in the near future. I think team schnauzer would love it too.

So..are you never eating take out at all?

We still eat out. Especially when one of those kitchen experiments fail. The trick has been finding various low calorie and low fat options from restaurants nearby. In the past few months we have eaten at sushi places, wendy’s, panago pizza (they have a multigrain thin crust!), and extreme pita. I even hit a pastry place one week and had some petit four’s. It is possible to eat out intelligently and still lose weight, no need to deny yourself of every pleasure. I just don’t recommend doing it all the time. We typically only eat out once or twice a week. Like my husband likes to say “everything in moderation.”

You don’t have many desserts listed here. Aren’t you eating any?

I am, it’s just they are so simple. Just some berries, maybe a bit of frozen yogurt. I started this challenge at the tail end of my dessert making season. In the summer and fall are when I tend to make more desserts. Don’t worry, dessert gets more fun around here. I really enjoy the fruit that summer and fall brings which is why that tends to have more dessert.

Are you a part of that whole eat local thing?

I’m not hardcore but I definitely choose local when possible. I do hit the farmer’s markets in my area. They just tend to taste better. I find if I have a really tasty dish it takes less of it to make me feel like I have indulged. Here on Vancouver island we have a wonderful array of local selections. It just makes sense to take advantage of that.

What has helped you the most in losing weight so far?

Portion control and exercise. I weight and measure everything I eat, then I journal it. I try to work hard during my workouts. That’s about it. I haven’t delved into supplements or anything like that, just good old watching what I eat and exercise.

Will you be doing a book?

You know, I might sometime in the future. At this moment the focus is the current weight loss goals, leveling my character, and coming up with tasty food. A book could definitely happen from that, who knows? There is no book deal out there right now though. Definitely would love to have one magically appear.

How can I get in contact with you?

There are several ways to drop me a line. You can email me at thehungryhobbit@gmail.com or follow my twitter thehungryhobbit for an idea of what might be coming up next on the blog or like hungry hobbit on facebook!

Wait you didn’t answer my question!

Maybe ’cause you haven’t sent it yet. Ask away! I don’t bite…hard.

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