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An Update!

So, after quite the legal battle we are finally moved into our new place. Hurray! There is a lot of work to be done but happily we will plug away at our new hobbit hole slowly. The last few boxes of the kitchen unpacking will hopefully be tackled soon, all that remains is getting the fridge into place (we need to move some cabinets and a counter to do so, don’t worry my husband has it all planned out). I finally found the camera too! I can’t wait to get back to posting and getting some new recipes out there. I have had so many ideas. It’s going to be hard to figure out what to tackle first!  I hope to start working on it all again in mid-february, unless of course the kitchen move about delays things a bit.

Of course all the stress while trying to acquire the house and moving have done a number on my waist line. After awhile when you get fed up it gets hard to say no to fast food and a monster slice of cheesecake. Especially when the stove went away for about 6 months. I didn’t gain it all back thankfully, nothing that getting back into my hobbit habits won’t fix.  So then while we all wait I guess the big question is, does anyone have a hobbit recipe request? I think it would be fun to do a reader request as the first recipe in the new hobbit hole. So go on, don’t be shy. Let’s see what we can do.

Where for art thou, hobbit?

I know, I know. I’ve been a bad neglectful hobbit. You know how when it rains, it pours? Yeah. It really does. So, I broke a tooth, got a root canal, had a problem with it, got a whole bunch of cavities filled, and we bought a house. Lessons here? Don’t let years go by without visiting a dentist and sometimes buying a house can be similar to getting dental work done. The folks we bought from were, well, most unhobbit like. So, now we are in the process of tearing up the place to get ready for the move in late may. Best part of all this though? The new house has a nice kitchen, especially after we reno it up a little in there. The reno’s will have to wait but no reason why we can’t start thinking about something new for hungry hobbit.

I’ve been thinking about doing the occasional cooking video for hungry hobbit. Would that be fun? Would other folks about the shire like to watch some hardcore hobbit recipes being put together? Let me know! Maybe I can start looking into cameras, suggestions are always welcome for those. I don’t know much about video blogging yet.


So yes, sadly, the drought continues for a bit longer until we settle into our new hobbit hole. Although, I see that we are now at 93 followers on twitter. I have a giveaway planned for when we reach 100 followers. So stay tuned, those next seven followers could come along soon and you could have your chance to win something shiny. Details when we get there!

My Birthday Cake


My Birthday was a couple of weekends ago and this is the cake my fabulous husband SurlyDwarf presented me with. I was just gazing at it remembering it’s tastiness and cuteness when I thought I would share. It had a local cream cheese frosting, white cake and raspberry filling inside. Each mouse was named some version of Archimedes (Archimedesone, Archimedesalpha, Archimedesprime, etc.). Hehe what a rocking cake…the best part though?


Who doesn’t want to nibble on a mouse butt that cute?



Hurray! I’ve been nominated in the food and drink catagory of the canadian blogger awards! Want to help show your appreciation for hungry hobbit food? Vote for me like the Voty McVoterson you know you can be!

Voting for Best Food and Drink Blog Link

Don’t worry the link shouldn’t take you away from the nummy recipes, it gets it’s own window. Thanks in advance for those who took the time to indulge my moment of self promotion. Hehe.


Just a quick post to remind folks that it’s that time of year again! The Canadian bloggie awards! If you have been enjoying my recipes and other such babble, why put in a nomination for hungry hobbit food blog in the food and drink catagory….come on, you know you want to….all the cool hobbits are doing it.

Just fill out the form on the other side of this link:

Canadian Blog Award Form

Thanks in advance for those who take the time to fill out the form. You guys rock! If I place again this year maybe we can celebrate with a special recipe? Hmmmm….something tasty and super geeky would definitely be in order.

OMG busy!

So I’m sure some of you may have noticed how erratic posting has been lately. I am so sorry about that! Life has gotten so busy and is getting busier. It will definitely pay off though! I have started training to be a pilates teacher and in October I will be starting training to become a yoga teacher as well! I know! Crazy isn’t it? To think that at the beginning of all this I was 80 pounds heavier and not much of an exerciser at all. Now, I am lighter, eating healthy, still eating like a hobbit, and going to be a certified pilates and yoga instructor!

To me it just seems like a logical step. During my weight loss I found that walking, yoga and later pilates really helped me out. I didn’t have to work really hard, especially with my tasty recipes. What I’m hoping to do is then come up with a program to help folks just like me. I have to say the funniest thing about being in these training programs is that even though most of these folks are athletics types, they are so accepting of a little geek like me. They even find it cute when I say stuff like “Aww I can’t come workout with you guys that night, I’m playing with my dungeons and dragons group those nights.” It’s true, us geeky chunky folks had nothing to fear from the right breed of athletic folks. There are always jerks in every group of folks…I’m sure everyone knows a geeky jerk…but we always forget that the majority of folks in every group of people are really nice and accepting. That knowledge would probably have helped me fear gyms and workout studios less, hope it helps some of you other folks too!

So, anyways as a result my posting will be erratic for the next few months. My concentration is going to be on trying to get hardcore hobbit recipes out. If I have time then I will post the other delicious foods I have been working on. To me getting those hardcore hobbit foods out is important so we can get to planning our hobbits feasts for when the movie comes out.

Versatile Blogger Award

Awarded to me by Melsar93 of The Mike/Mitch Project. Thank you!

Now, the details of this award are that I need to do a little work for it. I am to share 7 things about myself and give this award out to 7 others. Well, let’s get to it then shall we? How about I share 7 foodish and geekish things about myself.

Stuff about myself:

  1. In the movie Twister they go to Aunt Meg’s for dinner and Dusty says “Meg’s gravy is famous. It’s practically a food group.” I have been trying to achieve food group status with gravy. Yes, after a good steak we say “tasty cow aunt Meg.” ….we are bad. Hehehe.
  2. My first tabletop roleplaying game was when I was in grade 5, it was AD&D. I played a thief and sucked at it. hehe. Still suck at D&D, love WoD style games better really.
  3. I hate eating the same protein two days in a row, it just doesn’t happen. Forget about twice in the same day especially. My husband taunts me about it. This does not apply to anything else just meat for some reason. I also have a meat limit, I can only eat so much before I give it to my husband even if I’m still hungry the meat has to go. There are rules to my meat dammit!
  4. I have a food game addiction. I play them on facebook, I get my husband to acquire them for me. They are repetitive but I do love them so. I refuse to seek help.
  5. I am a cilantro hater. I think it tastes like soap. Overuse of it in a dish is unforgivable.
  6. I really, really like imitating the computer voice from portal…you can imagine how annoying I am with portal 2 coming out soon.
  7. I loooooove kitchen gadgets. I already have cupboards full, use the majority of them often but still feel like I need more. Can’t wait for my new donut pan to come in….mmmm….

Now to the blogs I’m passing this on to:

  • That’s Nerdalicious! : Awesome blog of foodie things with nerdish intentions….oh and lots and lots of bacon.
  • After the Harvest : Interesting perspectives and articles, tasty tasty looking food. A focus on mindful eating.
  • A Canadian Foodie : Lovely tastings of cooking school experiences and events. Delicious looking recipes. Extremely helpful links for us Canadian types.
  • Dinner with Julie : Located in Calagary this is one busy woman who makes such delicious looking food! Her pictures especially are soooo gorgeous.
  • The Food Geek : The title truly explains it geek rhetoric and food. Goodtimes.
  • The Voice of Tea : A tea sommelier’s blog about tea. I looooove tea. It’s brought to us by a company but a good read.
  • Highly Experimental : A grad student’s experiments in food. Fun and often tasty stuff.

80 Pounds Lost!

Yup, another 10 pound marker lost to be celebrated. Been awhile since the last one. *phew* it’s true what they say, those last few pounds do take forever to come off. Guess those extra fruity oaty bars last night didn’t kill my weigh in afterall! Just four more pounds to go. Finding it hard to stay motivated at this point since well…it’s just four pounds. So tempting to just move into maintenance and be done with it. Hmmm. You know what’s annoying about being 5’3.5″? The bmi calculator thing doesn’t know what to do with me. If I put in 5’3″ I’m still a smidge overweight…if I put in 5’4″ I am at goal weight. Grawr.

Granted, I shouldn’t complain this diet hasn’t been very diety now has it? Hehe you see the stuff I eat. I mean, last night for dinner I had spinach and provolone thin crust pizza and snacked during the vampire game on fudgy cup cookies and fruity oaty bars. On sunday, we even went out to McDonalds and Starbucks for dinner and dessert. Oooo poor me. Sheesh, I’m such a food princess. So, onward and downwards I guess!


I ordered this to stick on our car…fear my car.

and yes…I asked her to make it green. Tee hee.

When geeky foodies go wrong…

You know your nerdiness and foodieness has gone to bad place when the following paraphrased conversation takes place over brunch:

“You know, the fact that we have schnauzers is really great in case of an apocalypse.”


“Well, they are ratters. I’m sure Kaylee at the very least could hunt rats for the family. Godric would need work. The big question would be how to prepare them. I’m not so high and mighty as to pass up a rat burger in case of apocalypse or distopian future scenario.”

“Good point. Kaylee would be a queen ratter. Hmmm.”

“Rat au vin? Rat tarts. Rat sliders? Roasted rat on a spit glazed with blood oranges. Rat stew ofcourse.”

“New england boiled rat? Rat-a-touille?”

“That is just so wrong…and somehow right. Oh, pixar.”

No rats were harmed during this discussion…I cannot speak for their future though in case of apocalypse. Poor, poor, rats. Hehe, I’m sure folks that know us can figure out who is who in this conversation.