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OMG busy!

So I’m sure some of you may have noticed how erratic posting has been lately. I am so sorry about that! Life has gotten so busy and is getting busier. It will definitely pay off though! I have started training to be a pilates teacher and in October I will be starting training to become a yoga teacher as well! I know! Crazy isn’t it? To think that at the beginning of all this I was 80 pounds heavier and not much of an exerciser at all. Now, I am lighter, eating healthy, still eating like a hobbit, and going to be a certified pilates and yoga instructor!

To me it just seems like a logical step. During my weight loss I found that walking, yoga and later pilates really helped me out. I didn’t have to work really hard, especially with my tasty recipes. What I’m hoping to do is then come up with a program to help folks just like me. I have to say the funniest thing about being in these training programs is that even though most of these folks are athletics types, they are so accepting of a little geek like me. They even find it cute when I say stuff like “Aww I can’t come workout with you guys that night, I’m playing with my dungeons and dragons group those nights.” It’s true, us geeky chunky folks had nothing to fear from the right breed of athletic folks. There are always jerks in every group of folks…I’m sure everyone knows a geeky jerk…but we always forget that the majority of folks in every group of people are really nice and accepting. That knowledge would probably have helped me fear gyms and workout studios less, hope it helps some of you other folks too!

So, anyways as a result my posting will be erratic for the next few months. My concentration is going to be on trying to get hardcore hobbit recipes out. If I have time then I will post the other delicious foods I have been working on. To me getting those hardcore hobbit foods out is important so we can get to planning our hobbits feasts for when the movie comes out.

And now for something completely different…

So I have decided I’m going to pat myself on the back for each ten pounds I lose. Today’s weigh in tells me I have now lost 31 pounds!

So hurrah for hitting that 30 pounds lost benchmark to me!

hehe Hobbit joviality. It was rather nice being able to say that today. I look forward to future lost weight but right now woot for 31 pounds gone!!

Although, now I’ve hit some nastiness. This week I finally got back on track with my workout program…and then I stubbed my toe really badly. Took a few days for that pain to go away! Finally get rid of that pain and somehow I’ve hurt my knee! It might have been all the yarn I spun this weekend. *sigh* Hopefully this goes away so I can get back into it while the getting is good.

For now though I will concentrate on that hurrah while I work on being a hobbling hobbit for awhile.

Bellydancing OMG!

So I have mentioned before that I am working on a challenge. It is the x-weighted challenge to be specific. Today I logged on for a spot of inspiration. I saw the featured exercise of the week was bellydancing. I have taken classes before but sadly my schedule was so busy I couldn’t stick with it. Eventhough I had the most awesome teacher in the world. Seeing the title made me want to try again now that my schedule has calmed. Some folks from another group I’m part of suggested I give it another go aswell. So I found myself a class and will sign up tomorrow. Sadly, can’t take them with the amazing teacher I know because I am living on the opposite coast these days. I had another close friend, who passed away a year ago, who loved bellydancing. Which is partly why I hadn’t thought of delving into it again until now. She and I had made plans of working into it together when she recovered. She was going to work on my bellydancing and I was going to teach her some ballroom dance. Good trade I think! Sadly, fate said no deal. So bellydance was a bit of a bitter sweet thing. Love it for my one friend and sad about it for my other.

So, resolved, I then wander back to the x-weighted site to read the article. LO! It is my amazing friend and teacher who is featured. I can’t even describe how wide my eyes were and the excited noises of joy. It’s obscene really. hehe. Actually, said friend occasionally reads my blog, she is the awesome and another foodie I absolutely adore. It is just too much kismet for one evening. I absolutely must take this bellydancing class and think of my amazing friends as I jingle my hip scarf with glee. I can’t wait. I am not the most graceful at bellydance but I do like to have a jangly butt. I mean really, who doesn’t?

Take a look at the article:

How I learned to stop worrying and love the exercise.


This weekend we popped out and got me a set of wireless headphones for using while on the treadmill. The closed captioning on our tv is being silly so instead of cranking up the volume (which I hate to do) to hear it over the treadmill, I can now hear it beautifully. The headphones even block out the noise of the treadmill itself. They aren’t even expensive awesome ones either. We picked them up from xs cargo for 9.99. Sure they aren’t perfect but they do the job! Today was the first day of using them and they did a great job! It helps pass the time while I’m running my wheel. Which makes it all the less painful and really something to look forward to. Just keep it in mind that you finally get a bit of undisturbed tv time when you make it workout time in front of the tv.

So, now that I have all this tv time I’ve been using it while I exercise to catch up on those series that I missed. I’m horrible about catching weekly tv shows.  The only ones I’ve been able to catch regularly this season have been Lost and Flashforward…only after we used exercise time and cuddle time to help us catch up on those past seasons. Oh yeah we need tivo or a pvr in a bad bad way. Just can’t justify that tivo monthly fee though. Not after we already pay so much for cable…to then pay something to record cable for me just seems silly. Maybe one day I will come around.

Today during my workout I finished watching Jericho. What a crime that show was cancelled mid 2nd season. I was really enjoying it and I’m sad I don’t get to watch some more. Then again I’m always a sucker for a good apocalypse or post apocalypse. It actually would have been interesting to see how that civil war would have played out. *sigh* Now I need to find more tv to work out to and sadly Jericho has left me with a want for more apocalypse tv. Dangit. Well there’s a bunch of Glee I haven’t seen. Maybe that can help? There’s an apocalypse in there somewhere right? Please?

Shows I have enjoyed working out to so far:

  • Lost
  • Flashforward
  • Jericho
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl (I love Billie Piper dammnit!)
  • The Prisoner (The old one, the new one just didn’t grab me and make me raise an eyebrow in a naughty way)
  • Dollhouse
  • The umpteenth rewatching of Firefly (have I mentioned one of my dogs is named Kaylee? Shiny)
  • True Blood (Gearing up for the next season in June…have I mentioned my other dog is named Godric? Yeeeaaah. Have I not mentioned we are geeks here?)

and ofcourse countless movies. Love my movies. I think the one that amused me the most while I was working out was Zack and Miri make a Porno. Then again I just love Kevin Smith.

So yes, stop worrying about it. Grab a series on dvd or *cough* otherwise pilfered. Get yourself caught up in wanting to catch the next episode…the next time you exercise. Make the exercise itself a reward. Seems to be working pretty good over here!

Exercise Whining…you were warned.

So to mix it up my husband has suggested I try his P90x program. I looked through it and decided to try the low impact “lean” segment. The nutrition aspect made sense and was in line with what I’ve been trying to do. Today was day one of the exercise.
Day one was an intense one hour workout…that wanted me to do things no one in their right mind should be doing. That and I wanted to slap the host around so badly. His attempts at jokes, how he would refer to his “co-stars” just put me off. I don’t mind being urged on, I grumble, tell them to fuck themselves and move on. This guy though…ugh. I’m going to give the entire week a try and see how it goes but if he doesn’t cut it out and soon I’m driving out there and giving this guy a good slap. Ugh!
It definitely was a good intense workout if you can get past wanting to injure the guy. I wouldn’t say its fun though and to me one of the key things to success is fun, if you aren’t enjoying it then why will you willingly do it and stick with it?

Hopefully the other days will be better.