Oh dearie me, oh my

Aack, it’s been all over the turbine news! LOTRO is going free to play in the fall! I can see the good, the bad and the ugly about this whole thing.

The good:

  • More friends will be able to play with us and join our fantastic kinship.
  • Anytime money is tight we can always just downgrade to premium instead of vip for awhile.
  • The game will grow.

The bad:

  • The community that has been such a draw for us might suffer. We love how lovely most folks are to each other in this game.
  • There might be lag as the lookie loos log in.

The ugly:

  • Barrens chat/trade chat may come here and scare away all those fantastic LOTRO players leaving the game a wasteland filled with trolls.

I really hope that this all settles into mostly the good and that the ugly just doesn’t happen. This news has had me throwing up my hands in alarm all day. I feel like I have a big exclamation point above my head, and it is most certainly not the yellow kind. I really hope I don’t see my poor little hobbit self ravaged by internet trolls. Those things are part of the reason I ran far far away from WoW. I love our little LOTRO haven. I really hope this works out for turbine in a good way.

Free to play! What is the world coming to? Oh my, I must make some cooked carrots to settle these nerves…yes…those will do the trick.

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