Versatile Blogger Award

Awarded to me by Melsar93 of The Mike/Mitch Project. Thank you!

Now, the details of this award are that I need to do a little work for it. I am to share 7 things about myself and give this award out to 7 others. Well, let’s get to it then shall we? How about I share 7 foodish and geekish things about myself.

Stuff about myself:

  1. In the movie Twister they go to Aunt Meg’s for dinner and Dusty says “Meg’s gravy is famous. It’s practically a food group.” I have been trying to achieve food group status with gravy. Yes, after a good steak we say “tasty cow aunt Meg.” ….we are bad. Hehehe.
  2. My first tabletop roleplaying game was when I was in grade 5, it was AD&D. I played a thief and sucked at it. hehe. Still suck at D&D, love WoD style games better really.
  3. I hate eating the same protein two days in a row, it just doesn’t happen. Forget about twice in the same day especially. My husband taunts me about it. This does not apply to anything else just meat for some reason. I also have a meat limit, I can only eat so much before I give it to my husband even if I’m still hungry the meat has to go. There are rules to my meat dammit!
  4. I have a food game addiction. I play them on facebook, I get my husband to acquire them for me. They are repetitive but I do love them so. I refuse to seek help.
  5. I am a cilantro hater. I think it tastes like soap. Overuse of it in a dish is unforgivable.
  6. I really, really like imitating the computer voice from portal…you can imagine how annoying I am with portal 2 coming out soon.
  7. I loooooove kitchen gadgets. I already have cupboards full, use the majority of them often but still feel like I need more. Can’t wait for my new donut pan to come in….mmmm….

Now to the blogs I’m passing this on to:

  • That’s Nerdalicious! : Awesome blog of foodie things with nerdish intentions….oh and lots and lots of bacon.
  • After the Harvest : Interesting perspectives and articles, tasty tasty looking food. A focus on mindful eating.
  • A Canadian Foodie : Lovely tastings of cooking school experiences and events. Delicious looking recipes. Extremely helpful links for us Canadian types.
  • Dinner with Julie : Located in Calagary this is one busy woman who makes such delicious looking food! Her pictures especially are soooo gorgeous.
  • The Food Geek : The title truly explains it geek rhetoric and food. Goodtimes.
  • The Voice of Tea : A tea sommelier’s blog about tea. I looooove tea. It’s brought to us by a company but a good read.
  • Highly Experimental : A grad student’s experiments in food. Fun and often tasty stuff.

7 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. #5 Me Too. ANY use of it in a dish is unforgivable.

    I can’t wait until tonight when I have time to look through the blogs you linked to here – they all sound great and right up my alley.


  2. Congratulations! You definitely deserve it!

  3. I read somewhere that to like or dislike cilantro is a hereditary thing. Like, it is in your DNA to recognize the taste of cilantro as soap. Which is so strange! Because I think it tastes awesome, I love the stuff! Lol.

    • Now that is a neat idea. Definitely didn’t come from my mom though, she LOVES the stuff. Her hot mama salsa has a ton of it in there. I used to clear out of the house for the day when she made it.

  4. Hey just stumbled across this post while cruising your blog- congrats and thanks for the nod!

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