Where for art thou, hobbit?

I know, I know. I’ve been a bad neglectful hobbit. You know how when it rains, it pours? Yeah. It really does. So, I broke a tooth, got a root canal, had a problem with it, got a whole bunch of cavities filled, and we bought a house. Lessons here? Don’t let years go by without visiting a dentist and sometimes buying a house can be similar to getting dental work done. The folks we bought from were, well, most unhobbit like. So, now we are in the process of tearing up the place to get ready for the move in late may. Best part of all this though? The new house has a nice kitchen, especially after we reno it up a little in there. The reno’s will have to wait but no reason why we can’t start thinking about something new for hungry hobbit.

I’ve been thinking about doing the occasional cooking video for hungry hobbit. Would that be fun? Would other folks about the shire like to watch some hardcore hobbit recipes being put together? Let me know! Maybe I can start looking into cameras, suggestions are always welcome for those. I don’t know much about video blogging yet.


So yes, sadly, the drought continues for a bit longer until we settle into our new hobbit hole. Although, I see that we are now at 93 followers on twitter. I have a giveaway planned for when we reach 100 followers. So stay tuned, those next seven followers could come along soon and you could have your chance to win something shiny. Details when we get there!

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